Nexus Battery chargers



Nexus Battery Chargers

1.Before connection, please check and confirm the rated voltage of batteries. The rated power of the battery must be 12V/24V, or it will destroy the charger.

ModelNX- 6A/12VNX-10A/12VNX-20A/12VNX-20A/24V
Rated Voltage of Battery:12V12V12V24V
Fit capacity of battery:60AH100AH200AH200AH
Input Power:≤80W≤135W≤270W540W
Current of Charge:6A10A20A20A

Precautionary information

2. Although there are so many protections on the battery charger, we have to avoid short circuit, overload and reverse connections from happening.

3. The fuse must be charged by the some rated current one, and it cannot be increased discretionarily.


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